Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Make Christmas Visiting Fun for Teens

Since Christmas is just around the corner, your goal is to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone, including the teenagers. Usually teenagers don't like to interact with Christmas activities and just windup getting bored throughout the entire party. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help make your Christmas party highly enjoyable for everyone.

Christmas isn't just about exchanging gifts or reuniting with family and friends, as it is also all about having fun and bonding with those you love. Teens and Christmas fun can be achieved when you know exactly what type of activities to have for your party.

How to make Christmas visiting fun for teens

- Introduce Yourselves

Before any party can become enjoyable, you need to have everyone introduce themselves with each other. Simply have all the guests talk about themselves for at least 30 seconds so that everyone knows a little something about each other. Have each person talk about their parents and why they love the holidays, as you most likely invited distant relatives to your party.

- Create Fun Games

Without any fun games and activities, your Christmas party will just be talking and eating. Though that isn't all that bad, it can be very boring for most people, especially teenagers. Since you want your teenage guests to enjoy your party, you need to make sure that you have lots of fun games so that everyone is interacting with each other and starting to feel comfortable.

Top Teen Games For Christmas

- Christmas Movie Guessing

Christmas movie guessing is a very fun game which involves playing a scene of a Christmas movie and have representatives of two different teams guessing the movie. You can have a buzzer, time limit, and a prize for the team winner of this game. Your guests will find this game to be very enjoyable, but you just need to make sure that you plan what movie clips to show before hand so at least you are prepared.

- Blindfold Food Tasting

Blindfold food tasting is also a fun game that can be easily done on the spot. Basically, separate people into two different teams, then have one from each group taste a certain dish. Those who aren't eating the dish can coach the person who is, but they can't give any major hints regarding the food. When it comes to food, everyone will want to join in, but make sure there is a small prize to get everyone into the 'competitive spirit'.

- Mindless Christmas Drawings

Christmas drawing is also very good fun, as it will get everyone to show their artistic side. Basically, all you need to do is split people into to different teams, then have the best artists to be the 'head drawers' of each group. Then, the host of the party will show them a Christmas item which they will then need to draw in less than a minute. After that, they will simply pass that drawing to their group member who is in front of them. The twist is that no one else in the group will know anything about what the drawing is. Make sure the rest of the team members don't see the item, as in the end, the least artistic person will have to guess what the drawing is after all of the failed drawing attempts their team members have made.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Confidence for the New Year

When you say that you have confidence in someone or something it generally means that you trust your expectations will be met. There are many, many different things in which we can be confident. For example, the sun will come up in the morning and set in the evening every day without fail. Telling lies over time will result in negative consequences for the future. Small children who are fed and cared for will grow. Genuine friends will support us.

It's interesting to know that some people have confidence in a variety of things and other people but not in themselves. They talk about how they have missed opportunities or felt sad because they just don't trust themselves to succeed.

There are a number of reasons why people do not feel confident:

They feel they don't have skills- Spending time thinking about what you don't have can stop you from developing skills. Sign up for a course, read a couple of books and practice so that you can celebrate expertise instead of lack.

They have failed in the past and think this is a life pattern- Change is possible at any moment in time. Just because you aren't where you want to be doesn't mean you can't move forward. Make a plan and put one foot in front of another while focusing on your goal.

Others have told them they won't succeed and they believe that as truth- Everyone has opinions about things but that doesn't mean that they are accurate - or shared. Decide that you will succeed and ignore those who disagree. Or better yet, use their words to spur you on!

They never consider their accomplishments- Make a list of all the things that you have done. Then ask friends and family for ideas to expand the list. Think of compliments or encouraging words that you have received since childhood and write those down. You will likely be surprised by the beautiful testimonial that you have created!

They don't try so never have a chance to feel confident - There is an old adage that states "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". If you never begin then you will never succeed but if you will just try you have an excellent chance of making progress.

They focus on the negative- It always amazes me that people talk about what they don't want instead of what they do want. Listen to the words you use. Pay attention to your thoughts. Do you really want the things that you are saying and thinking about? If not, know that you have the power to make a positive change.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Different Perspectives of Christmas

The other day I bought a pop-up book of the Christmas story to share with my seven year old granddaughter. She was so surprised when I mentioned that the stable must have been very smelly. I guess she had never thought about the fact that this was the home (and bathroom) for the animals.

We talked about the wise men and why they might be called "wise" as well as how they were able to afford nice clothes and expensive gifts. Always wanting to plant ideas that might germinate in the future, I suggested that perhaps they had gone to university and then found good jobs. Mikaeli thought I was joking and said "Grandma, there weren't any universities way back then".

I quickly replied "I'm sure there was some form of university back then Maybe it wasn't called that but people did study in groups". After all, they did take a Census so that leads me to believe that some things that we continue today had ancient beginnings.

And how did the wise men purchase the exotic gifts, pay their travel expenses and afford to leave home for an extended period of time without working? They must have had jobs, savings, inheritances or wealthy families to support them.

Sometimes we just focus on things that we are told and do not question further. Other times we perhaps question too much.

The Pope has recently stated that he does not believe there were animals at the birth of Jesus or that the angels sang. He even questions the date of the first Christmas and when the baby Jesus was born.

He is not alone. Some people question and doubt everything about the Christmas story.

Many do not even believe it happened and think the Bible is merely a collection of fables or stories that are fictional.

Our perspective determines how we view Christmas. Some treat it as a government-legislated annual holiday - a time to be away from the workplace and school. Many use it as an opportunity to travel or rest. Retail businesses grab hold of the marketing aspects and look forward to an economic boost generated by the largest sales period in the year. Churches recognize and make room for some people who they will only see in this season, at Easter, and for weddings and funerals. Charities know that this is a time when people will open their wallets and show kindness in order to help others. Families will pull out traditional recipes and look forward to having people come together. And children will wait eagerly for Santa Clause to hopefully fulfill their every wish.

Because it was so long ago, we will never know every single detail of the events that led to our annual celebrations. Everyone knows that Christmas was named for "Christ", the baby who was sent as a gift from God for all mankind. But not everyone has the same perception or celebrates in the same manner.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reasons To Give Away Holiday Gift Baskets

As Christmas and the New Year approach, it is time to list down the gifts for your family and friends. It is often a challenge to go shopping when it's already peak season, so it's best to prepare and buy early. Another challenge is what to give away this year. It is probably one of the major dilemmas of most people since there are lots of options to choose from.

The possibilities of giving away 'duplicate' gifts are high especially during the holiday season. There could be cousin also planning to give away some kitchen tools or an aunt who's been eyeing personalized gifts on the internet. Among the best options to give away are gift baskets because they never go out of style and you can mix and match the food items.

Gift baskets are considered all-occasion gifts too. You can personalize the contents based on the favorite snacks, fruits, gourmet food, and beverages of the recipients. And who doesn't like to receive a basket of goodies especially during holidays? This is the season for giving and receiving tasty treats and beverages are truly appreciated by recipients.

Another reason why you should go for holiday baskets of treats and snacks is the price. You can go online shopping for such gifts and buy them in bulk, or go grocery-shopping with your list at hand. You can buy wicker baskets and ribbons, as well as gift tags by the dozen and still save some cash. Either way, you can save a few dollars for buying in numbers rather than buying each of your relatives and friends specific gifts with different price tags.

Most of the time, malls and department stores do not offer bulk purchases for different gift items. Unless there's a sale for all items, then that's the time you can purchase something special for everyone. But then again, if you need to save a few bucks, it's better to go for gifts that are practical and affordable.

Food items are always safe to give away. It's either you cook them at home or buy them from sellers. With gift baskets you can do both. If you are to order a dozen or more from a proper online gift shop, you can surely save a few dollars. You can even add a few of your own food items such as home-baked cookies and brownies, home-made fruit jams, spiced mixed nuts, and many others.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Do I Dread The Holidays?

A friend of mine recently told me that he hates the holidays. In fact, he said he loathes them. I asked him why and he shot back, "Because of all the bad memories associated with them!" During the holiday season, his demeanor changes, he sulks and avoids his friends and family. I know several people who dread the holidays and quite honestly, I used to be one of them.

Many walk among us hiding their fears and pain, especially this time of the year. How can you spot these hurting people? There are many signs that are easy to pick up on. They refuse to go to holiday parties, seldom answer their phone or respond to text messages during the holidays. They don't want any gifts and they usually tell you in advance. They make excuses why they can't attend holiday celebrations. Most of us have a hard time recognizing the excuses coming from someone who suffers from the pain associated the holidays.

Over the years, I too have struggled with the Christmas season. My mother was an alcoholic and was difficult to live with especially around the holidays. She struggled with her own demons during Christmas and took it out on my younger sister and me. I never really knew what her issues with Christmas were, but my sister and I suffered during what should have been a magical time of the year for us. Being cursed at was something we both expected and telling us she wished someone would hurt us or take away our Christmas was common. She was so unpredictable. One night she would be OK and then the next she was just plain awful to us. With the cookies and holiday candies spread out on the table sitting next to the lighted Christmas tree, we were told not to eat them because they were for company only. At times these bad memories pop up and put me in a funk.

Not everyone knows how to deal with sadness during the holidays. They live with them from year to year and watch the calendar day by day, wishing the holidays away. I realized that I had to create my own fond memories during the holidays. I had to force myself to do the things I feared most. I didn't want to go to holiday parties, so I had my own. I started with a few close friends and invited them to my house. I had a small tree with lights and small gifts for each of them. I even had some Christmas music playing when they arrived. I have to be honest with you, it was hard to do but I'm so glad I did. When everyone left, I felt as if I faced one of my biggest fears, and sat down in disbelief that "I did it." The first step was the hardest for me, but I was a victor instead of the victim. I overcame the fear of the holidays.

Are you ready to take that leap and address the needless suffering the holidays bring you? The first step is the desire to be a victim of painful memories and stop allowing the holidays to control you. If this If you're ready to start enjoying the holidays again, then you need take the first few steps to healing.

Here's what mine were:

• Forgave and move on. Yes, my mother hurt me but I realized I needed to move on.
• Kept company with healthy people who cared about me.
• Kept looking to my future and not my past. I had to forgive myself.
• Planned a fun evening with family and friends and started a small group and grew it.
• Had a small 12 inch Christmas tree decked out with sparkly lights.
• Played holiday music quietly.
• Looked at the positive interactions I could have with friends and family.
• Planned a short, two-hour holiday party. It was a good place to start.

The first time I planned my holiday event, it went very well. I kept to my game plan and since then it has become a tradition that I now look forward to every year. It was hard at first, kind of like jumping off a diving board for the first time. We need to face our painful memories. I did with mine and now the painful past is, for the most part, a faint memory. Plan to move on and get the victory you need so you can once again, enjoy the upcoming holidays.