Friday, September 21, 2012

Tips for an Organised Christmas Season

For many people, Christmas is a time to celebrate, relax and enjoy family time. But for some, organising Christmas while juggling work commitments, family members, gift shopping and social engagements can be too much stress to handle! To ensure you can enjoy the holiday season, take a look at these tips to ensure you have an organised Christmas season.

If you're cooking for a lot of people, chances are your kitchen (and fridge) just won't be able to cope with the volume of food required. Not to mention, trying to cook and prepare everything yourself can be a huge burden. By delegating certain tasks or meals to different family members or friends, you can make your job much simpler. Let other family members take care of cold dishes like salads and desserts so you can focus on the hot dishes and save room in your kitchen. Remember, you don't have to do it all yourself - you're always entitled to ask for help from friends and family!

Do you really need a Christmas tree, a wreath, and fairy lights? Is a Christmas playlist really necessary? Do you really need six types of Christmas cookies? Taking on everything at once and trying to control every detail will just cause unnecessary stress. Every family has their own traditions and special requirements - so stop and think about what matters most. Is it the decorations? The food? The people? Make a list of the three most important details for Christmas, and focus on them first and foremost. The other little details aren't as important as you having a stress-free day and a good time!

With gift shopping, preparing the house for visitors, cooking and baking to organise, you probably have a lot to juggle as Christmas approaches. Being prepared before the Christmas rush hits will save you a lot of time and stress - allowing you to relax and enjoy the holiday season. Do some of your Christmas food shopping in October or November, buy presents early or order them online, and make a list of what needs to be done. Ticking tasks off your list gradually throughout November and December will ensure an easy, stress-free Christmas.

Keep it simple
Christmas doesn't have to be elaborate to be enjoyable. A simple BBQ or casual meal with family will do just fine - as will just one gift per person. Good music, good company and plenty of food is enough to keep most people happy.

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