Monday, October 1, 2012

Hand Milled Soaps For Gifts

Hand milled soaps, or French milled soaps are made from already cold processed soap. The soap is shredded, mixed with a liquid, cooked over low heat and then pressed into molds. Until, they harden into beautiful, fragrant bars of soaps.

The soaps are great for gift giving as part of a Christmas gift giving list for friends, co-workers and even some for yourself. They are sold in individual bars or as part of a gift boxed set. The scent of them can fill different styles of soap dishes such as: lemon verbena, lavender, botanicals, for instance: ivy and other plant extracts. Essential rose oils are added to some soaps for a vintage scent as well.

Since harsh additives and heavy perfumes are omitted, these soaps are enjoyed by even those on a gift list with sensitive skins. The men on a gift list will enjoy the scents of cypress wood, sandalwood or teakwood. Any man would appreciate the triple-milled soaps fueled with grape seed oil and extract suitable for his skin type.

For those creative types on a gift list, books with detailed instructions on how to make their own milled soaps as well as a few supplies such as: shredded soap, molds, essential oils and scented oils, they will certainly like the results of their going to the trouble.

Prices vary for regular the soaps to triple hand milled soaps, it depends upon the soaps size. Since women co-worker's give each other fragrance gifts anyway, two bars of hand milled soap that cost a little over four dollars each and beautifully wrapped will do. When, the gift cost is set for at least ten dollars. If the cost of gifts for co-workers is set somewhat higher at twenty dollars, a gift set of three triple milled bars can be found to cost close to that amount.

Therefore, gift buying just became easier with the purchases of these soaps. Also, it pays to notice where the soap product came from. For the simple reason, the real milled soap product contains the purest ingredients.

However, it would be even more wonderful. If, the soaps were made by an individual putting their own stamp on the hand milled soaps to give as a gift. According to either instructions by online video or by written ones, the results are not that difficult to achieve. It would be something treasured to the lucky ones receiving that kind of a gift.

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