Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holiday Gifts - Stylus Pens

The digital age has brought out some really modern gifts for giving. Pens and pencil sets were at one time a welcomed gift. Penmanship was always something aspired to when writing letters, notes and other forms of daily communication.

Now with electronic devices becoming the norm, it is best to be thoughtful and give Stylus pens instead. How do they work? In one sense, One end of the ballpoint pen is used like a writing instrument on paper. The other end has a rubber tip that is used much like a finger when touching a screen. If, the pen is to be used for both writing and tapping a screen. Otherwise, one can be purchased for a touch screen only.

The pens are inexpensive and they come in a variety of bright colors or just in silver and black.. They are the perfect gift to give today. Also, they are compatible for every device made.. Some of them fit more than one screen using the same pen. Storing the pens, they fit inside a purse, inside a shirt pocket, a drawer or any other places that hold regular sized pens. It is wise to keep the ballpoint side of the combination pen capped to prevent marks.

The stylus side of the pen is also able to roll the screen vertical or horizontal, tap the letters on an onscreen keyboard, as well as, the numbers on a numerical keypad. It is best to look at the size of the pen's tip. They are sold as either with a fine point or a wider tip. The pens are either metal or plastic..In order to prevent a digital device's screen from becoming scratched, it is important to purchase the correct pen tip. Some of the pens have retractable tips.

Prices for the pens vary, they cost anywhere from a few dollars for the touchscreen only up to almost fifty dollars for the pen that both writes and taps on a screen. However, the pens will be appreciated by those that use a number of electronic devices. They will find the pens to be ergonomically better for their wrists. Than, if they constantly used their fingers to tap out messages on a small onscreen keyboard.

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